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Two kits are available to cover all 4 synchro MGB cars with the wider gearbox tunnel and the 3 synchro models with narrow tunnel. The conversion adapts a Ford Sierra type 9 gearbox (5 speed, 1.6L & 1.8L, 1982-91, & 2.0L: 1982-87) to the MGB engine 3.5 Short Engine Rebuild Kit - 8.13:1CR, pre-1976 Engines - RB8141RBK. MGB GT V8 (remote oil filter) Compression Ratio 8.13. Includes:- Pistons (including rings & pins), big end & main bearings, sump gasket set (including seals), oil filter, core plugs, oil pump service kit. Qty Req-1 5-speed Ford gearbox, with the option to have closer ratio's for racing. ZETEC engines for example are readily available second-hand for ~£200 and a new crate engine costs around £1000 - making it an unbeatable proposition to start with. This video shows what it takes to do this type of engine swap MGb cross member components. Price: £1,185.00 / €1,327.20 / US $1,276.84 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price bek354 - mgb wire wheel conversion hub kit - tube axle. more details. bek141std - mgb front suspension kit. more details. bek141upr - mgb front suspension kit - with poly bushes. more details. bek152 - mgb 14 bolt on alloy wheels with wheel nuts - set of 4. more details

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MSC.PARTS - Buy your MGB Parts, Spares & Accessories from a UK supplier - Great quality MGB car parts at an affordable price. We have a full range of MGB car parts, from engine, brake, suspension and trim. Established in 1999 Midland Sportts & Classics Ltd have since been providing great quality classic car parts all over the world to the classic car industry MG Magnette. Each conversion kit contains all the parts necessary to adapt a Ford Sierra (type 9) 5 speed gearbox to the MG car and engine. Gearboxes can be supplied in standard ratio or a variety of alternative ratios to suit the vehicle and purpose. The kits require little or no vehicle modification and are reversible We carry a comprehensive range of MGB mechanical parts and Rover V8 engine parts We are pleased to quote for your specific requirements. N.C.A. = Not Currently Available. Tel: 01689 858716 eMail: V8Conversions@mgbv8.co.uk Please ring or email for latest prices. Tel: 01689 858716. Email: V8Conversions@mgbv8.co.uk Coolin

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Then its pretty easy to end up with a 300- 400 BHP MGB for not much money. Even the engine mounts are in it's about as straightforward as an engine conversion co.uk /upgrades4mgs/Engin. Add to basket. (34) MGB CRANKCASE BREATHER RECON. (EXCHANGE) £ 34.96 inc VAT. Choose an option Chrome bumper 1962-74 Rubber bumper 1975-80

Building classic engines for classic cars since 1980. Based in Bagshot, Surrey, Skiptune The MG Engine Specialists, have been building MG engines and supplying cylinder heads for the MG Midget, AH Sprite, MGB and MGA for over 40 years.. We build a wide range of MG standard road and MG performance engines for sale from the UK MGB - XOO34L Flame Red . 1973 MGB running totally standard Engine etc. Reason for visit to Lenhoy Classics Workshops - This MGB had been stored in a Garage in Rochester for the last 9 years and was undergoing a slow Restoration and required transporting to Lenhoy Classics to complete the restoration and gain an MOT so the owner could enjoy the last of the Summer Sun. The MGB had a. BEK360 - MGB BRAKE DISC & PAD SET This is exactly what's included :- 2 x BTB387 - Brake Discs. £0.00. 00. BEK364 - MGB ROADSTER TEX WIPER ARMS & BLADES - SET OF 4. This set of BEK364 Tex wiper blades and arms are suitable for all MGB Roadster models. The ori. 2.0+ Stage ll Balanced MGB Engine The largest capacity MGB modified engine yet; MGA Disk Brake Conversion Steel Wheel 1500 /1600 H510. £599.95 / €671.95 / US $646.45 . +44 (0)1954 231073 MGOC Spares & Accessories Octagon House, Swavesey, Cambs, CB24 4QZ, UK This site is meant to be purely a photographic reference to engine conversions in MGs. Photographs have been supplied by many people who have all taken a different approach to the task. There are no hard and fast rules as to how any conversion should be done but I hope that the pictures on this site will give you an idea of what can be done and how to do it

We are pleased to offer these new 5 speed gearbox conversion kit based on the Mazda MX-5 gearbox. The conversion uses a brand new MX-5 gearbox, giving the MGB the slick gear change that has become synonymous with the MX-5, and a relaxed cruising 5 th gear. The kit is supplied with a fully assembled gearbox with a bespoke cast bell housing & casing designed to fit directly to the MGB's engine. To Convert an MGB to V6 power Means The CCE MGB V6 installation kit. This kit has been designed for all 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4L Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) applications for 1982-1995 Rear drive GM 60 degree V6 motors into 1968-1980 MGBs and can be fit to 1962-1967 MGBs with some work

Special order only - contact us to confirm stock availability and price BMC 1.8L B-Series engine WEBER Carburettor conversion kit. Includes a genuine Weber 32/36 DGAV Carburettor, intake manifold converter, air filter, throttle linkage and carburettor mounting hardware & fittings. Continue reading MGB All years £789. MGC £1000. MGB V8 £1025. Fitting from £412. All prices plus VAT

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There are several ways to turn the engine when setting rocker gaps. The usual are: To turn the There are several alternative suspension kits available for the MGB. The first on the scene was the Ron Hopkinson kit, More Botch Rubber bumper to Chrome bumper MGB conversion. How to remove the MGB side moulding. #MGB Under Wing. MGB 1800 B-Series Engine WEBER 45 DCOE Carburettor upgrade kit. A Weber performance kit designed to adapt your engine to run on a Genuine Spanish Made, Weber 45DCOE 152 carburettor. The carburettor will start & run the engine, but will need to be jetted correctly for your specific engine's needs on a rolling road/dynamometer This lighter, more compact, speed-triple unit has around 140 BHP in standard tune. We are looking to offer an engine upgrade kit to increase this to circa 160 BHP. The engines are less than half the price of a Hayabusa engine. There are 2 drive options. Visit Daytona 1050R Kit Page. Honda K20A VTec Kit. This is the core car-engine kit

V8 Conversions. Classic Car Parts and Spares for. MG - Triumph - Mini - Morris . Tel: 01689 858716 eMail: V8Conversions@mgbv8.co.uk . Open Fridays and Saturdays. from June 202 V6 engine swap kits and performance upgrades for the MGB by Bill Guzman of Classic Conversions Engineering Classic Conversions Engineering Top Quality Parts to Upgrade your MGB This BEK354 wire wheel conversion hub kit is suitable for all MGB's from 1966 onwards with a tube axle. This kit includes everything you will need to convert your MGB hubs to wire wheel, All you Need to Buy are the Wire Wheels!!! This is exactly what's in the kit:-1 x BTB7300 - R/H Front Hub. 1 x BTB731 - L/H Front Hu Well, keep reading and let’s see if an upgrade will work for you! At Mantell Motorsport we offer a whole range of engine conversions: Ford 302 V8. Aluminum Buick 215/Rover V8. GM LS V8. Ford Ecoboost. Starting up the V8 is entertainment in itself. MG Enthusiast Magazine MGB 9. MGB Engine Oil Use. 11/20/96. MGB 12. British Automotive's Big-Bore Conversion 1924cc. Brakes. 05/08/00. MGB 18. Brake Modifications. Suspension. 02/10/10. MGB 13H. KYB Rear Telescopic Shock Conversion Kit (Tube Axles Only) 01/31/10. MGB 13G. KONI Shock Absorber Kit. 01/31/10. MGB 13F. SPAX Rear Shock Absorber Kit. 04/01/08. MGB 13E.

MGB : Buick 215 V8: T5 5-speed: Mike Alexander: 68 1971 : MGB : Buick 215 V8: T5 5-speed: Mike Alexander: 81 1974 : MGB GT : Ford 302 V8: T5 5-speed: Dan Algarin: 42 : 1974 : MGB : Rover 3.5L V8: MG 4-speed +OD: Don Allen: 10 1974 : MGB : Buick 215 V8: T5 5-speed: Evan Amaya: 17 1964 : MGB : Rover 4.0L V8 (EFI) T5 5-speed: Tony Andrews: 22 1979 : MGB : Rover 3.9L V8: T5 5-spee Range of tools to get best performance from your Classic. Full Range of Sparkrite Ignition parts. AccuSpark Tripple ground and Iridium Spark Plugs. Ignition Parts that enhance the performance of Your Car. Special Offer Ignition Packs. Dynamators. Full Range of Dynmators

You can get a conversion kit for the Midget I think Frontline Costello do one, but expect to pay through the nose. A far cheaper alternative would be to buy a rear wheel drive car and swap the. The conversion can be installed without pulling the engine in rubber bumper MGBs; Substantial cost savings for both parts and installation labor compared to an overdrive conversion; The Nissan 5 Speed Transmission Conversion Kit includes the following parts: CNC machined aluminum adapter plate with new seal and mounting hardwar MGB V8 Conversion. Restoration . The previous restoration. V8 engine. Engine lowering. Engine steady bar. Weber 500 carburetor. Twin pipe exhaust. Manifolds. Wheelarch modifications. Twin pipe system. R380 Gearbox. Gearlever remote. Gearbox mountings. Front suspension. Front suspension mods. Drawings. 4 link rear suspension. Setting up. 4-link. One of the neat things about a good build is that Compared to a stock MGB driveline, a properly built V6/V8 conversion has so much torque that both 4th and 5th gears are overdrive and any gear has more power at a wider variety of engine speeds than a supercharged MGB would have- plus the conversions give better fuel economy too A complete kit for converting your standard Tiger rack to MG (also availble LHD): 2 x Aluminium mount assemblies and bolts 2 x rod extensions 2 x Left-hand thread rod ends 2 x Modified MGB steering arms 2 x Spacers for MGB arms (please confirm if you have standard calipers or upgrades) 1 x Reconditioned early, steel cased, MG rack. Applicatio

Reproduced here we have a complete copy of the Press release produced by Alexander unveiling their new range of tuning kits for the 1100 range. This is followed by a slightly later productionised version of the 1100 tuning brochure. A Selection of Mid 60's brochures for A Series Conversions. A35, A40, Minor Condition 1/2. 5 speed conversion, Burgess head, 1.75 SU's and SS exhaust. Overhauled and upgraded brakes, suspension, tuned engine and more. Garaged, MOT and tax exempt. £12,750 Tel: 01142 510318 (Sheffield If nothing else, these two pipes sticking out back will serve notice - this is NOT your grandfather's MGB! Fuel lines and battery cable in place. Note the protective cover over these items. Engine in place, complete with accessories - fuel injection, alternator, A/C compressor, water pump, and pulleys, with a serpentine belt drive. Shiny stuff Engine Conversions and Upgrades. Sometimes the maximum powered reliable streetable engine is not enough and we recognize that even a full race British engine still cannot compare to a engine and/or full driveline conversion. When you want to go from keep up to fly past this is the option for you

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MGB Roadster Classic Car T-Shirt (Black/Sebring X- . All items are handmade out of fibreglass. Selling the mgb sebring kit , brand new never used retails for aprox 25.Will deliver for free on an 40 miles radius from where I live in Delivered anywhere in UK Price: $11,594.00. Add to Cart. Details. Porsche 912 EV Conversion Kit, Regen Brakes, AC Motor 1965-1969, 1976. The EV West Air Cooled Porsche Starter Kit is perf Model : Porsche 912. Manufacturer : EV West 5-Speed Conversion (7) Brakes (84) Brake Components (47 Engine Rebuild Kit, 1972-80. MGB 1972-80 . from $540.85. ZDDPlus Engine Oil Additive. from $12.99 MGB 18V engines . from $229.99. Premium Throttle Cables. from $9.99. Oil.

Engine Parts; Fixtures MGB Uprated EN24T half shafts. MGB V8 4 piston brake conversion for original V8 wheels. All new MGB V8 5 speed transmission. All new MGB 5 speed transmission. MGB / MGC Anti-lift front valance. Morris Minor 5-speed gearbox conversion. MGC front brakes. MG Midget / Sprite 1275 5-speed gearbox starter kit. MGB roll cage. GM 3.4L 60-degree V6 engine with sequential fuel injection, from a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro. Machine work by Performance Race Engineering. Bored 0.060 over. Stock bearing sizes. Three angle valve job. ARP hardware throughout. Classic Conversions motor mounts. Classic Conversions accessory brackets and serpentine pulley kit

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1981 Mgb roadster For Sale, Very cool V8 conversion! Comes with a Oldsmobile V8 engine and a Ford Mustang 5 speed gearbox. Originally sold in the States but it has a UK registration at this moment. Car runs and drives well and produces a stunning deep sound Sep 24, 2017 - How Gary put a GM 3.4L V6 engine in his 1964 MGB It has the same layout as a classic MGB inside, so it'll be a snug fit for many, but once you're installed, you get the familiar wheel-in-your-lap driving position. You release the mechanical handbrake, then select 'D' on a rotary dial and lift off the brakes to get going We previously showed you the EV-converted MGB by RBW EV Classic Cars from the UK, but you didn't get to see the car in action. Only 30 will ever be made, so it's a good thing that Jonny Smith. Early MGB and MGA kits are looming on the horizon. We obtained one of the first Moss supercharger kits and got to see if there was power behind all the mythology. We bolted the kit onto our 1978 MGB test mule and put it through its paces. First, we ran the kit straight out of the box as delivered from Moss

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Standard lead free cylinder head (exchange) £560.00. Stage 2 ported and flowed lead free assembly with double valve springs. £680.00. Stage 3 large valve with additional porting and flowing. £820.00. Stage 3a with increased size inlet valves. £900.00. Stage 4 head for competition only with rim flow valves & inserted push rod support 1979 Nice MGB, original paint, no rust For Sale. £10,490. Nice original 1979 MGB Roadster, in good running condition. Apart from an old partial respray from the hood all paint and interior seems to be original with no rust. Can be visited in Belgium by appointment, together with many other cars and trucks The conversion can be used with standard, lowered or uprated springs and anti-roll bars. fs cfs1 B - Front suspension kit - £848.26. Our MGB front suspension kit is now supplied as standard with our uprated tubular wishbone arms (Picture shows a cast arm). These arms give you further increased bump travel allowing you to either lower the. Moss Motors is the worlds largest and oldest British parts supplier. We specialize in MG, TC, TD, TF, MGA, MGB, MGC, Midget, Triumph, TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR3B, TR4, TR4A. MGB Performance Carburettors ⚑ Fast delivery worldwide Payment options including PayPal ⛽ British car experts ♚ 01522 568000 ☎ 1-855-746-276

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  2. The conversion kit I used was from Bri-tek A Weber 32/36 DVG. The kit replaced the Zenith Stromberg. Everything comes in the kit that you will need except one 2 exhaust clamp and you might have to flare the exhaust pipe where it mates to the original exhaust. The kit I had was WSK002 with the electric choke
  3. MGB REAR TELESCOPIC S/ABS INFORMATION. The most important part of converting your OEM lever type shock absorbers to the telescopic type is obtaining the correct installed height. If this is incorrect and your new shocks have no built in bump stops, you could end up damaging them. So, the first thing one should do is inquire as to whether, or.
  4. The MGB V8 has earned a reputation for being almost a blue-collar version of the Shelby Cobra, both cars share features including a stylish British body, an American-derived V8 engine mounted up front, rear wheel drive, and a power-to-weight ratio that was world-beating by 1960s standards.. Of course, the MGB V8 wasn't developed by Carroll Shelby but by British engineer Ken Costello, and the.
  5. Dann Wade of British Car Conversions and Marc Traylor of TCE have outdone themselves in designing the finest GM V6 conversion components for the MGB and MGB GT. We have done one prototype installation into a ' 69 MGB GT , using a GM 3.1, and have since updated the same installation to the latest MARC-series billet mounting and accessory drive system, giving us the cleanest, simplest, most elegant setup possible
  6. mgb-gt.co.uk. Home; About; V8 engine build part 4 - cylinder heads. Home; 2021; January; 12; V8 engine build part 4 - cylinder heads; Engine; V8 Conversion; 12th January, 2021 13th January, 2021; I'm making some good progress here getting on with the engine build during my lunch breaks, and quite honestly it's a lot more fun than.

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  1. Part: £56.40 Incl. Tax plus shipping rates + 1 x Fitting kit (316033): £4.33 Incl. Tax plus shipping rates BTB900 crown wheel and pinion for MGB / V8 / MGC (tube axle) BTB900 3,07:1 (14:43) was not available for a long time
  2. Go to Kit 04a: MGB : 1962-1974: 1800: 4: Lucas : 25D4 : £39.95: Standard : Go to Kit 04-MGB : 1975-1981: 1800: 4: Lucas : 45D4 : £39.95: Ballast : Go to Kit 5J-MGC: All Years : Electronic rev-counters may not work correctly with Positive earth kits : 6: Lucas : 22D625D6 Positive earth : $54.95: Standard : Go to Kit 06a: MGC: All Years : 3000: 6: Lucas : 22/25D6: £44.95: Standard : Go to Kit 06
  3. MGB 9. MGB Engine Oil Use. 11/20/96. MGB 12. British Automotive's Big-Bore Conversion 1924cc. Brakes. 05/08/00. MGB 18. Brake Modifications. Suspension. 02/10/10. MGB 13H. KYB Rear Telescopic Shock Conversion Kit (Tube Axles Only) 01/31/10. MGB 13G. KONI Shock Absorber Kit. 01/31/10. MGB 13F. SPAX Rear Shock Absorber Kit. 04/01/08. MGB 13E. Rear Shock Absorber Kit. 01/16/06. MGB 13
  4. MGB engine rebuild kits. www.acmespeedshop.com Advance Auto Wire Wiring harnesses for MGB, MGB GT SU conversion kits. www.sucarb.co.uk Tasker Metal Products MGA and MGB bumpers, fenders, hood panels, Weber conversion kits, jets and repair kits
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MGB Project Roadster Restoration project. 1970 MGB Roadster, using ex Californian shell, being converted to right hand drive. Spec. is as follows MG Red, black leather seats with black interior, chrome painted wire wheels, four speed overdrive gearbox, unleaded stage 2 engine and sports stainless steel exhaust The most complete kit - if comparing to lesser kits please look at the content and quality of our components - there is no comparison! Designed by professional automotive engineers and manufactured in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Entirely designed and developed in house by Specialist Components, the kit works with every engine specification from basic 8V to a full house race 16V. We now offer a rear wheel drive specific Twin Kam conversion kit which comprises a bespoke bottom conversion plate to.

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R1 Kit Information Complete R1 Conversion Kit £3700. Kit Contents: Mini front sub frame. Powder coated silver complete with mountings for engine and driveline* Reverse gearbox with selector cable. Bespoke tubular exhaust manifold. With insulation wrap fitted (mates to 2 mini performance exhaust system) Custom made oil immersed differential. MGOC are showing a conversion kit including battery and clamps but WITHOUT acid, £120. The battery is also only 50Ah, so even less capacity, and no cranking amps given. Note that 12v batteries have the posts down one long side and can have the polarity either way round Nov 17, 2020 - The kits that make MGB V6 conversions easy, cost effective, and successful. More information Basic kit for installing the General Motors sixty-degree V6 engine in an MGB

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GRP Sebring body kit. period colour combinations - Russo red / period white or British racing green / yellow . period correct features including bonnet straps / headlight covers / valance / grill badges . Engine / Exhaust. MGB GT 1800 engine prepared and tuned with performance exhaust. rebuilt factory suspension / brakes. Wheel OUTDOOR COVER ECLIPSE - MGB. More details. £ 47.06. Inc V.A.T. £39.22 Excl V.A.T Such a significant drop in reserve is not advised on the MGB with its heavy engine and power hungry starter. Some MG specialists offer excellent conversions with two of these small 12v batteries wired in parallel, which then offers better reserve than the 6v originals

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Specialist Upgrades for MGA, MGB & V8, MGC and MG RV8 We always wanted to Convert and build Electric Vehicles, we love to Convert Cars to EVs, our workshop is in Taunton and we supply customers World-wide including Belgium, England, Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, we sell Conversions, Kits, and Parts some custom-made to order and some off the shelf ,we custom-make conversions professionally and to all the correct standards, we have experience working with compliance authorities and we consult for large and. All of the MARC engine conversion kits feature CNC-machined 6061 aluminum billet front covers, and come in three distinct styles. MARC I and MARC III are essentially the same, save that the MARC I comes with integral outrigger-style engine mounts Engine Year Spec Number View; MG: MGB 4 cyl: 1798 cc: 1962 to 1963: AUD 52F, AUD 52R: VIEW: MG: MGB Competition 4 cyl: MGB Special Tuning 4 cyl (AUD 505T uses BBW Needle) 1798 cc: 1969 onwards: AUD 505AF, AUD 505AR: Electronic Conversion Kits. Contact Points. Diaphragms. Pump Caps. Mounting Brackets. Merchandise. Key Rings. Stickers.

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The MGB was a classic, sleek two-seat open top or 2+2 hardtop GT at the leading edge of 1960s sports car design, a description that was still true when it passed out of production in 1980! Throughout that time it was powered by a very solid if slightly agricultural 1798cc BMC B-series engine, delivering in UK form between 84bhp and 95bhp depending. Parts to rebuild and overhaul your MGB engine. MGB Piston set with rings 62-64 .020. Item #: 16201.020. 3 Main engines with rings and pins. 8.75:1 Compression ratio. Qty: photos description. Price : $269.00. MGB Piston set with rings 62-64 .040. Item #: 16201.040 Motor mount kit. 139.95: Comes with brackets and new rubber mounts. for '77 - '80 MGB. MMK7780: Chasis mount brackets for pre-'75 MGB. $55 : 4505-4: Transmission cross member w/mount. Bolts GM T5 into MGB. $160 : TMKGMT5: Transmission cross member w/mount. $80 : Bolts Ford T5 into MGB. TMKFT Browse our range of performance turbochargers & superchargers for cars online at Demon Tweeks. Choose from leading brands with worldwide delivery available

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