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  1. on HMS Warspite: b Martin, James: Able Seaman: 3/213: g Martin, Joseph Edward: 15/06/1895: K19741: g Martin, Walter James: Stoker 1st Class: K24675: g Matthews, Charles: 26/05/1887: Stoker Petty Officer: 225501: g Matthews, Frederick Albert: Gunner RMA: 11721: g Matthews, Gilbert Charles: 03/06/1885: Able Seaman: 31/03/1916: 01/05/1917: 225923: g May, Harry: Able Seaman: J32104:
  2. Below are just some of our members who have served at HMS Warspite. Barry Storey. LWEM (R) Served from 1974 - 1984 Served in HMS Warspite. Alan Liddell. CERA Served from 1964 - 1980 Served in HMS Warspite. Peter Hopkins. WO 1 (AC) Served from 1981 - 2003 Served in HMS Warspite. Ian Harker
  3. At Narvik, Norway, a British naval force consisted of battleship HMS Warspite and 9 destroyers under the command of Vice Admiral William Whitworth entered Ofotfjord; in the Second Battle of Narvik, Warspite's Swordfish torpedo bomber sank German submarine U-64 with bombs, while surface vessels sank 3 destroyers, with another 5 German ships scuttled by their own crews after suffering extensive damage; three British ships were damaged in the battle; without their ships, 2,600 German sailors.
  4. HMS Warspite was a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship built for the Royal Navy during the early 1910s. Completed during the First World War in 1915, she was assigned to the Grand Fleet and participated in the Battle of Jutland. Other than that battle, and the inconclusive Action of 19 August, her service during the war generally consisted of routine patrols and training in the North Sea. During the interwar period the ship was deployed in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
  5. Re: Crew list for HMS Warspite (1917) « Reply #3 on: Saturday 30 January 10 23:23 GMT (UK) ». http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Highflyer_ (1898) Looks like he served at Vivid 1,HMS Warspite and HMS Highflyer. Vivid was/is an RN Barracks in Plymouth. http://www.plymouthdata.info/Royal%20Naval%20Barracks.htm. Ady
  6. Albert Edward Harding HMS Warspite (d.22nd May 1941) Albert Harding, Royal Navy, born 24th January 1901 in Wealdstone, Middlesex, took the King's shilling at about the age of 15 and served in the Royal Navy from that time, during WW1. Based at Chatham docks where he was acting Boatswain from 1928
  7. ation: 03 - H.M.S. Warspite Class: Queen Elizabeth-class battleship. Crew: 1,220 sailors. Armament (1944): 8x 381 mm guns, 10x 152 mm guns, 4x 102 mm guns, 32x 40 mm anti-aircraft guns, 16x 20 mm guns, 16x 12,7 mm machine guns, 4x 533 mm torpedo tubes. Displacement: 33,410 tons Speed: 23 knot

Good. Average. OK. Poor. 797. 6.860. 834. Warspite was the second of the class to commission, joining the 5th Battle Squadron with the Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow. She ran aground off Dunbar on 17 September 1915, which necessitated repairs until 20 November Stoker on HMS WARSPITE during both World Wards. Is there available an HMS Warspite crew list for 1939 to 1945? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2014-01-03 16:16:16

HMS Warspite was built at the Devonport dockyard in Plymouth, launched on the 26th November 1915, and became one of Britain's most decorated ships of the twentieth century. Nicknamed 'The Old Lady', the Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship, served in both world wars and marked the climax of the race for naval supremacy between Britain and Germany HMS Warspite (03) var ett brittiskt slagskepp av Queen Elizabeth-klass.Hon sjösattes den 26 november 1913 vid Devonports kungliga varv.Hon kom att bli ett av de mest berömda fartygen i Royal Navy och under det andra världskriget fick Warspite smeknamnet The Old Lady (den gamla damen), efter en kommentar av amiral Andrew Cunningham år 1943 I am searching on behalf of Mr John Haggerwood for ex crew members who served with him aboard HMS Warspite during the period 1939 to 1941. John is residing in the UK now aged 85 yrs. He would welcome any contact. My name is Chris Shelton ex Merchant Navy. I am researching for John's son Mark Haggerwood. I am presently residing in Bangkok Thailand

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Warspite was originally fitted with 8 40in searchlights. After the Battle of Jutland, the number of searchlights was nearly doubled due to the bad performance by the Royal Navy during the night action. In 1915 there was a crew of 951 men and officers Casualty roll. HMS Warspite, 31st May 1916, Battle of Jutland, Officers and Me

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Her crew numbered 1284, including Chief Petty Officer/Gunner's Mate Fred Jones, who was captain of B turret. Leaving Portsmouth, HMS Warspite sailed for the Mediterranean to become the flagship of Admiral Sir Dudley Pound. She was based in Alexandria which, with war imminent, was to be the fleet's base I recently found a piece of shrapnel, given to me by my nan when she was alive. Apparently it was picked up on board HMS Warspite during the battle of Jutland by my uncle. I rememember being fascinated by it as a young boy, especially how heavy it is. Nearly 30 years later, Im now tracing my fami..

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MS WARSPITE was built at Devonport, Plymouth and launched 26th November 1913, Took part in the battle of Jutland and sustained 15hits and was close to foundering. at the battle of Narvik in April 1940 HMS Warspite to part in the Battle of cape Matapan and in May 1941 took part in the battle of Crete, where is sustained damage by a heavy bomb hit. on the 16th September during the Landings at. tribute to the royal navy's legendary ww1 and ww2 battleshipimproved version.Queen Elizabeth clas HMS Warspite bombarding German positions in Normandy, June 1944. Strathdee Collection image. The First Ship to Open Fire on D-Day Extract adapted from 'Warspite' by Iain Ballantyne. To Warspite went the honour of being the first ship to open fire on D-Day, with her shells pummelling a German gun battery that showed signs of life HMS Jervis, was a J-class destroyer of the Royal Navy named after Admiral John Jervis. She was laid down by R. and W. Hawthorn, Leslie and Company, Limited, at Hebburn-on-Tyne on 26 August 1937. The ship was launched on 9 September 1938 and commissioned on 8 May 1939, four months before the opening of hostilities. Designed as a flotilla leader to the J-class destroyers, who were intended to make up the 7th Flotilla, Jervis was the sister ship of, and identical to, Kelly, leader to.

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Not all crew listed may have appeared in first season of the television series, and some may have only appeared in the book on which the series was based, if at all. Contents 1 HMS Erebu HMS Warspite Crew List (Photographs) From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The links below are for the crew members of HMS Warspite that have known photographs. Photos sources have been added, where known crew 925 to 1,184 men Machine system machine 24 Yarrow boilers 4 Brown-Curtis steam turbines in 1937: 6 Admiralty boilers 4 Parsons - geared turbines: Machine The HMS Warspite ( dt. War Despite) was a battleship of the Royal Navy, which entered service in 1915 and both the First and the Second World War was used. contents Number on sick list: 0 [HMS Frobisher, 9750 ton cruiser, was launched in 1920 at Devonport Dockyard. In 1930 she became a cadet training ship. In WW2 after a refit in 1942, she escorted convoys in the Indian Ocean until recalled for the D-day landings

HMS Warspite intervened and engaged successively two 8 and two 6 cruisers at long range, which after a few salvos turned away. One hit might have been obtained on a 8 cruiser. Phase 2. After a short lull, during which HMS Warspite fell back on HMS Malaya who was now proceeding ahead of HMS Royal Sovereign HMS Warspite was a Queen Elizabeth class battleship that served in both world wars, taking part in the battle of Jutland in 1916 and the battle of Matapan in 1941. In 1943 she was badly damaged by an early guided missile, demonstrated how far naval warfare had changed since she was laid down in 1912 HMS Warspite Tweet Description The HMS Warspite is Street Sanitation Crew COBI-1782 more. 8.54 € Add to cart Baseplate 16x16 1/3 COBI-42854 more. 2.83 € Choose a pattern Rafale C COBI-5802 more. 39.97 € Add to cart Hovercraft COBI-1783.

HMS Warspite (03) Background & History HMS Warspite was the second of five Queen Elizabeth class Battleships ordered before the outbreak of the first World War. Laid down at Devonport in October 1912 and eventually commissioned in March 1915 she would be given Pennant Number 03. The Queen Eli.. HMS Warspite sails for Mediterranean after four delays. After four delays, three owing to mechanical troubles and the last through fog, reconditioned 31,100 ton battleship 'Warspite' left Portsmouth for the Mediterranean, where she will become the flagship of Adml Sir Dudley Pound, the commander-in-chief HMS ''Warspite'' was a built for the Royal Navy during the early 1910s. Completed during the First World War in 1915, she was assigned to the Grand Fleet and participated in the Battle of Jutland.Other than that battle, and the inconclusive Action of 19 August, her service during the war generally consisted of routine patrols and training in the North Sea HMS Warspite Warspite's crew were stunned by this reception, for, far from having fled from the enemy, they had fought with great bravery despite being hit time after time by heavy shells. Ordered home to Rosyth, because there was every danger she might sink, the Warspite had shown her defiance by almost ramming a U-boat on the way back

Unit History: HMS Warspite. 2 people in our Napoleonic records. Filter by Surname: 17 people in our Early 19th Century records. Filter by Surname: 1 people in our Victorian Conflicts records. Filter by Surname: 1198 people in our WW1 records. Filter by Surname: 329 people in our WW2 records HMS Warspite was a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship of the British Royal Navy.She was launched on 26 November, 1913 at Devonport Royal Dockyard.She was, and is, one of the most famous and glamorous of names in the Royal Navy. Warspite would, during World War II, gain the nickname The Old Lady, after a comment made by Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham in 1943

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  1. I personally give more credit to HMS Sheffield. That little light cruiser's motto should have been here, hold my beer. She classically maneuvered her way out of a Swordfish torpedo attack when mistaken for the Bismarck. She goes around picking f..
  2. HMS WARSPITE was held in Reserve at Portsmouth and placed on Disposal List and sold to BISCO for demolition by Metal Industries at Faslane on 12th July 1946. Capable of 24 knots, the Badly damaged, the battleship's steering jammed after it turned to avoid a collision with HMS Remaining in the area,.
  3. gham at Alexandria 1943. HMS Bir
  4. Entry Name Email Rank/Rate Dates Served Nickname Ship; 1: Steve Royce-Rogers: steverr2@gmail.com: Ck: July 1979 - March1981: Trigger: F28: 2: Kevin Brown: kevnchris30.
  5. Warspite was rocked at her moorings in Scapa Flow when the battleship HMS Vanguard, exploded with the loss of hundreds of her crew when an ammunition magazine detonated. In April 1940, Warspite provided support during the Norwegian Campaign, engaging German shore batteries and warships in the Second Battle of Narvik

Details of ADM 27/77/82B; Reference: ADM 27/77/82B Description: Folios 323-338: HMS Warspite allotment numbers 8696-8790, year of allotment 1842 The events of November 9, 1968, remain classified by the Ministry of Defence, but several members of the crew on board HMS Warspite have echoed the story told by Mr Ballantyne in the years since HMS WARSPITE bombards enemy positions on the Normandy Coast, 6 June 1944. A23915.jpg 2,480 × 1,764; 1.16 MB HMS Warspite Memorial Stone at Marazion, Cornwall - geograph.org.uk - 1746097.jpg 2,033 × 1,344; 768 K

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  1. g soon! Order of Battle: Red Star OUT NOW WarPlan Dev Diary #5: Supply system Slitherine acquires the Master of Magic franchise Order of Battle moves East on August 8th! Fantasy General II - Twitch Let's Play series announced
  2. Crew Name Search Guestbook Photos & video Survivors Accounts Press & letters Newsletters Reunions Memorials Related ships Books Poems Links : Welcome to the HMS Barham Association website. On 25th November 1941, 841 men lost their lives when this battleship was sunk during the 2nd world war. They and the sacrifice they made will never be.
  3. Mar 11, 2017 - HMS WARSPITE (1947) | Prussia Cove, Cornwall: 'This appears to have been taken during the rescue of the passage crew just after she went aground, with the RNLI Penlee lifeboat ''W & S'' on the left hand side. The RNLI awarded Silver and Bronze medals to the coxswain and motor mechanic for this daring rescue.' (text Allan Read) ღ⊰
  4. HMS Warspite Aground (1947) HMS 'Warspite' aground at Prussia Cove, Cornwall. British Pathé. HMS Nelson At Southend (1945) H.M.S. Nelson moored off Southend, Essex. British Pathé. HMS Argyle (1914-1918) Travelling shot of HMS Argyle in harbour. British Path
  5. HMS Warspite. Location of events unknown. M/S of British Royal Navy ensign flying from deck of HMS Warspite
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Originally laid down in 1912 and commissioned in 1915, the HMS Warspite was the second of five Queen Elizabeth class battleships. This particular model focuses on the 1943 World War II version of the Warspite Crew List. This table will contain as many of the crew members of HMS and HMNZS Gambia as I can find. At the moment it contains a little over 3,600 people. I do not have access to crew lists prior to 1952 so there are a lot fewer entries for the years 1941 to 1951 It's hindsight which elevates Warspite from not only just another combat-hardened veteran, but even just more than 20,000 tons of steel. Looking back, it's like, Yeah, the Brits should have kept her. But they had Prince of Wales wut, King George V, Rodney, and dozens of smaller ships which took part in what are now considered Epic Battles The latest HMS Warspite was the third of Britain's nuclear-powered submarines, and the second (and final) of the Valiant class.After entering service in 1967 she collided with a Soviet submarine the following year. A mechanical failure associated with the submarine's nuclear reactor in 1991 led to the boat being laid up at HMNB Devonport where she awaits disposal

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<p>HMS Barham was a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship built for the Royal Navy during the early 1910s. The survivors were rescued by the other British ships that were sailing with Barham. The tragedy recently inspired composer Sally Beamish to write the Sea Psalm.There is a much larger image of the sister ship to HMS Duchess, HMS Daring, at Naval History net. Laid down February 1913, She was. Warspite and other Royal Navy ships enjoying tea outdoors Many Royal Navy ships in 1 big party Belfast, Warspite, Queen Elizabeth, Akashi and Shiranui. Queen Elizabeth, Perseus, Warspite

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  1. The latest HMS Warspite was the third of Britain's nuclear-powered submarines, and the second (and final) of the Valiant class. After entering service in 1967 she collided with a Soviet submarine the following year. A mechanical failure associated with the submarine's nuclear reactor in 1991 led to the boat being laid up at HMNB Devonport where she awaits disposal
  2. HMS COSSACK - LO3 Casualties List; LO3 Memorial - October 2016; Merchant Seaman Held Captive on the German Prison Ship Altmark; Officials; Contacts. Contact Form; Joining Form; Subs; Donations; Accounts; Secretaries Bulletin; Links. The Royal Navy Board and Search School; TS Cossack; COSSACK - Australia; Previous Website; Norwa
  3. HMS Warspite was a famous ship, serving in both world wars, and earning the most battle honours ever awarded to a British ship. These battles included the famous battles of Jutland and Matapan. She also held the record for the longest range hit on a moving target from a moving ship on an italian battleship at a range of a whoping 26,000 yards
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BETWEEN 05:00 AND 05:45 HOURS, the Battlefleet bombarded Tripoli at ranges from 11000 to 14000 yards. HMS Warspite, HMS Barham, HMS Valiant and HMS Gloucester were in line ahead with destroyers screening, these were HMS Jervis, HMS Jaguar, HMS Janus, HMS Juno, HMS Hasty, HMS Havock, HMS Hereward, HMS Hero, and HMS Hotspur HMS Warspite (battleship) 01.09.1940-(10.1940) promotion course, Portsmouth [HMS Victory] (02.1941) promotion course, Portsmouth [HMS Victory] * 19.08.1941- and many others of the crew were wounded. After the wounded had been successfully transferred to another vessel,.


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Warspite was then towed to Faslane and later to Barrow, to have her fin replaced with that from her sister ship, HMS Churchill. Warspite also suffered a serious fire whilst in Liverpool on May 2 in 1976, caused by a broken coupling spraying oil. Repairs and refitting took two years. She was finishing her refit just as the Falklands War started HMS Hood and crew. Recomposition of the Most will simply be modernized, but others will be completely redesigned (Warspite, Queen Elisabeth, Valiant). In addition to these two ships, the Royal Navy had the largest fleet of aircraft-carriers, with the largest number of vessels on board. Near by Japan

HMS Warspite, HMS Barham and HMS Valliant (with Prince Philip aboard) sank three Italian cruisers at Matapan on the 29 March. The Italians did not know they were there. The destroyers fired a star-shell which illuminated the cruisers and assuming they were under attack from the air the cruisers fired their guns at the flares and were sunk in twenty minutes by broadsides from the British. The MHA data is also included in the CLIP crew list index, so it may be easier to use that as it will also show holdings elsewhere for that ship. Maritime History Archive Crew List Index. The MHA NL Crews Database contains over 30,000 entries taken from the crew lists of Newfoundland and Labrador registered vessels for 1915 to 1942

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Most of the crew survived and were rescued by German mountain troops. This was the first U-boat to be sunk by an aircraft during the Second World War. In the ensuing battle, three of the German destroyers were sunk by Warspite and her escorts, and the other five were scuttled by their own crews when they ran out of fuel and ammunition HMS Tiger (battlecruiser; seagoing gunnery firing ship) 27.11.1926-21.08.1928: HMS Ross (twin screw minesweeper) [based at HMS Dolphin] (Portsmouth) 21.08.1928-04.01.1932: HMS Witch (destroyer) [based at HMS Egmont II (RN base, Malta; for Mediterranean destroyer flotillas), from 01.04.1931 HMS Victory (RN base, Portsmouth)] 05.01.1932-30.08.193

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Crew Listing This page is intended to list as many people as possible who served aboard the HMS Rodney. If you would like to add a name to this listing, use the Contact Us link to send the information. It may take many months to accommodate your request I would be very interested to know if anybody has information which might shed light on the variation in crew losses suffered by H.M.S. ABOUKIR, CRESSY and HOGUE when they were torpedoed and sunk by U 9 on 22 September 1914. Casualties were appalling in all three ships, but for some reason those. Re: Regiment & Crew List [Official Thread] « Reply #130 on: September 21, 2017, 06:55:15 am » I'd like to update the 3eVolt one since we moved to an official accoun

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Despite being a lucky ship, and serving to great effect during two world wars, by 1945 she was in a bad state, with one turret and one boiler room out of action and a concrete patch over the hole ripped open by a Fritz-X glide bomb off Salerno. Th.. H.M.S. Warspite. St. Michael's Mount, Penzance. Cornwall. L/S DUKW crossing sand, good shot of St. Michael's Mount in the background. Various shots of the crew on their way to secure the Warspite and make it watertight before it can be moved again and broken up 1 Basic 2 Upgrade 3 Quotes 3.1 Hourly Notifications (Kai) 3.2 Seasonal Quotes 4 Character 4.1 Appearance 4.2 Personality 5 Trivia 5.1 In-game 5.2 Historical 6 CG 7 See Also 8 References Warspite Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship Statistics HP 72 (74) Firepower 72 (92) Armor 72 (91) Torpedo 0..

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The Skeleton crew of seven were all saved by the Penlee Lifeboat, but for the Warspite there was to be no reprieve. There were several attempts to re float her, but she was by now too badly damaged. In 1950 a final attempt was made to re float her using two tugs and twenty four compressors to pump air into her hull Atalanta Crew Ordnance Artificers Ordnance Artificers: 1873-1874 1914 1914-1918 1939-1945 1939-1945 1917 1877-1879 1939-1945 1861 1847 1939-1945 1915 1850 1914-1918 1872 1880 HMS Warrior HMS Warspite HMS Weymouth HMS Wolverine: St Ann's Church St Ann's Church St Ann's Church St Wilfrid's Church: Captain John Cook Shipmates Admiral John. The search for the surviving crew members of HMS Whelp, by Victoria L. Short Interviews, WW2, WW2 Pacific Treasures. By Pierre Kosmidis Photos submitted by Victoria L. Short and used by permission. History is written by millions of young men, individuals who gave their all and fought for their ideals during World War 2

HMS Suffolk at Scapa Flow on 18th April 1940 showing the severe list to port caused by over 1,500 tons of flood water onboard. [MORE INFO IN COMMENTS] [800x599] 2442 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet. Article by imgur. 81 The 75th anniversary of the sinking of a submarine with the loss of 99 lives is marked with a wreath-laying ceremony off Llandudno HMS/m Valiant (S102). 348 likes. Meeting place for the former crew of HMS/m Valiant (S102 Warspite was plagued by steering problems throughout her career after her steering jammed in the Battle of Jutland. Skill Activation Play: Belli dura despicio! Belli dura despicio: Motto of Warspite, it means I Despise the Hard Knocks of War. Low HP Play: 战斗的艰辛,不过如此: The hard knocks of war, are nothing more than this Sin categoría hms jupiter crew list Dido and her crew were certainly one of many. There were no brilliant exploits to be remembered for ever, but some men died in the flower of their youth. There was duty, and sacrifice, hardship and courage, and, at last, homecoming. Perhaps she and her crew epitomise the experience of a nation at war. BATTLE HONOURS. Crete 1941 Sirte 194

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